Filter and group with API

This page will demonstrate using the API's filtering and grouping functions to answer questions.
We'll use Python and requests in these examples. You can use the code as a starting point, or just read the API results in your browser and follow along. How to build the API requests is the important part - you probably won't learn any new Python tricks.
There's now a Jupyter notebook version of this tutorial! And we'll be adding more Jupyter notebook tutorials soon.

Example: Get the percentage of recent journal articles from a given institution that are open access

More specifically, of the works that:
  • have at least one authorship affiliation with a given institution,
  • have type = "journal-article",
  • are not paratext, and
  • were published in the last 10 years
how many are OA, and how many aren't?
The first thing we'll need to do is filter Works by institution. Looking at the available works filters, that's easy to do using or institutions.ror.
But what's our institution's ID? First, let's say our institution is the University of Florida. If we want to use institutions.ror, we can look that up here: looks right, so we can use that as the first part of our filter:
We can also use the institution's OpenAlex ID. To get that, we'll have to take a detour and filter Institutions using of florida
In python:
institution = requests.get(
' of florida'
'University of Florida'
The first result looks like the one we want, so we can use that to filter on
Adding our other criteria, we build the the filter clause:,
This will give us a list of about 76,000 works. Again, in python:
response_meta = requests.get(
"meta": {
"count": 2,
"db_response_time_ms": 76,
"page": 1,
"per_page": 200
"results": [],
"group_by": [
"key": "true",
"key_display_name": "true",
"count": 40949
"key": "false",
"key_display_name": "false",
"count": 35298
In python, we can calculate the fraction of the works that is OA:
r = requests.get(
groups = r.json()['group_by']
total_works = 0
oa_works = 0
for group in groups:
total_works += group['count']
if group['key'] == 'true':
oa_works += group['count']
print('total works: %d' % total_works)
print('oa works: %d' % oa_works)
print('oa percentage: %f' % (100 * oa_works/total_works))
total works: 76299
oa works: 40969
oa percentage: 53.695330
So from one API call, we know that 53.7% of the journal articles published by authors at the University of Florida in the last 10 years are OA.