OpenAlex API documentation

Search publishers

The best way to search for publishers is to use the search query parameter, which searches the display_name and alternate_titles fields. Example:
You can read more about search here. It will show you how relevance score is calculated and how words are stemmed to improve search results.

Search a specific field

You can also use search as a filter, allowing you to fine-tune the fields you're searching over. To do this, you append .search to the end of the property you are filtering for:
  • Get publishers with "elsevier" in the display_name:
The following field can be searched as a filter within publishers:
Search filter
Field that is searched

Autocomplete publishers

You can autocomplete publishers to create a very fast type-ahead style search function:
This returns a list of publishers:
"results": [
"id": "",
"display_name": "Elsevier BV",
"hint": null,
"cited_by_count": 407508754,
"works_count": 20311868,
"entity_type": "publisher",
"external_id": ""
Read more in the autocomplete page in the API guide.