Search authors

The best way to search for authors is to use the search query parameter, which searches the display_name field in a flexible way. Example:
Searching without a middle initial returns names with and without middle initials. So a search for "John Smith" will also return "John W. Smith".
Names with diacritics are flexible as well. So a search for David Tarrago can return David Tarragó, and a search for David Tarragó can return David Tarrago. When searching with a diacritic, diacritic versions of the names are prioritized in order to honor the original form of the author's name. Read more about our handling of diacritics here.
You can read more in the search page in the API Guide. It will show you how relevance score is calculated, how words are stemmed to improve search results, and how to do complex boolean searches.

Search a specific field

You can also use search as a filter, by appending .search to the end of the property you are filtering for:
When searching for authors, there is no difference when using the search parameter or the filter, since display_name is the only field searched when finding authors.
Search filter
Field that is searched
You can also use the filter, which works the same as using the search parameter.

Autocomplete authors

You can autocomplete authors to create a very fast type-ahead style search function:
This returns a list of authors with their most cited work title as the hint:
"results": [
"id": "",
"display_name": "Ronald Swanstrom",
"hint": "Identification and characterization of transmitted and early founder virus envelopes in primary HIV-1 infection (2008)",
"cited_by_count": 12287,
"works_count": 235,
"entity_type": "author",
"external_id": ""
The author hint is set to the author's most highly cited work by default. You can change that by adding the parameter author_hint which accepts values highly_cited_work (default) or institution. When set to institution, the hint displays the author's last known institution in format <display_name>, <country_code>.
Read more about autocomplete.