Authorship object

The Authorship object represents a single author and her institutional affiliations in the context of a given work. It is only found as part of a Work object, in the work.authorships property.


String: An author of this work, as a dehydrated Author object.

Note that, sometimes, we assign ORCID using author disambiguation, so the ORCID we associate with an author was not necessarily included with this work.

author: {
    id: "",
    display_name: "Juan Pablo Alperin",
    orcid: ""


String: A summarized description of this author's position in the work's author list. Possible values are first, middle, and last.

It's not strictly necessary, because author order is already implicitly recorded by the list order of Authorship objects; however it's useful in some contexts to have this as a categorical value.

author_position: "first"


List: The country or countries for this author.

We determine the countries using a combination of matched institutions and parsing of the raw affiliation strings, so we can have this information for some authors even if we do not have a specific institutional affiliation.

countries: [


List: The institutional affiliations this author claimed in the context of this work, as dehydrated Institution objects.

institutions: [
        id: "",
        display_name: "Simon Fraser University",
        ror: "",
        country_code: "CA",
        type: "education",
        lineage: [""]


Boolean: If true, this is a corresponding author for this work.

This is a new feature, and the information may be missing for many works. We are working on this, and coverage will improve soon.


List: This author's affiliation as it originally came to us (on a webpage or in an API), as a list of raw unformatted strings. If there is only one affiliation, it will be a list of length one.

raw_affiliation_strings: [
    "Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing, Simon Fraser University"


String: This author's name as it originally came to us (on a webpage or in an API), as a raw unformatted string.

raw_author_name: "Juan Pablo Alperin"

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