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Filter sources

You can filter sources with the filter parameter:
It's best to read about filters before trying these out. It will show you how to combine filters and build an AND, OR, or negation query

/sources attribute filters

You can filter using these attributes of the Source entity object (click each one to view their documentation on the Source object page):
Want to filter by host_organization.display_name? This is a two-step process:
  1. 1.
    Find the host organization's ID by searching by display_name in Publishers or Institutions, depending on which type you are looking for.
  2. 2.
    Filter works by
To learn more about why we do it this way, see here.

/sources convenience filters

These filters aren't attributes of the Source object, but they're included to address some common use cases:


Value: a String with a valid continent filter
Returns: sources that are associated with the chosen continent.

Value: a search string
This works the same as using the search parameter for Sources.

Value: a search string
Returns: sources with a display_name containing the given string; see the search page for details.
In most cases, you should use the search parameter instead of this filter because it uses a better search algorithm.


Value: a Boolean (true or false)
Returns: sources that have or lack an ISSN, depending on the given value.


Value: a Boolean (true or false)
Returns: sources that are associated with the Global South.