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Get lists of publishers

You can get lists of publishers:
Which returns a response like this:
"meta": {
"count": 7207,
"db_response_time_ms": 26,
"page": 1,
"per_page": 25
"results": [
"id": "",
"display_name": "RELX Group",
// more fields (removed to save space)
"id": "",
"display_name": "Elsevier BV",
// more fields (removed to save space)
// more results (removed to save space)
"group_by": []

Page and sort publishers

By default we return 25 results per page. You can change this default and page through publishers with the per-page and page parameters:
You also can sort results with the sort parameter:
Continue on to learn how you can filter and search lists of publishers.

Sample publishers

You can use sample to get a random batch of publishers. Read more about sampling and how to add a seed value here.

Select fields

You can use select to limit the fields that are returned in a list of publishers. More details are here.