Publisher object

Here are the fields in a publisher object. When you use the API to get a single publisher or lists of publishers, this is what's returned.


List: A list of alternate titles for this publisher.
alternate_titles: [
"Elsevier Science",
"Uitg. Elsevier",
"انتشارات الزویر",
"لودویک السفیر",


Integer: The number of citations to works that are linked to this publisher through journals or other sources.
For example, if a publisher publishes 27 journals and those 27 journals have 3,050 works, this number is the sum of the cited_by_count values for all of those 3,050 works.
cited_by_count: 407508754


List: The countries where the publisher is primarily located, as an ISO two-letter country code.
country_codes: ["DE"]


List: The values of works_count and cited_by_count for each of the last ten years, binned by year. To put it another way: for every listed year, you can see how many new works are linked to this publisher, and how many times any work linked to this publisher was cited.
Years with zero citations and zero works have been removed so you will need to add those back in if you need them.
counts_by_year: [
year: 2021,
works_count: 4211,
cited_by_count: 120939
year: 2020,
works_count: 4363,
cited_by_count: 119531
// and so forth


String: The date this Publisher object was created in the OpenAlex dataset, expressed as an ISO 8601 date string.
created_date: "2017-08-08"


String: The primary name of the publisher.
display_name: "Elsevier BV"


Integer: The hierarchy level for this publisher. A publisher with hierarchy level 0 has no parent publishers. A hierarchy level 1 publisher has one parent above it, and so on.
hierarchy_level: 1


String: The OpenAlex ID for this publisher.
id: ""


Object: All the external identifiers that we know about for this publisher. IDs are expressed as URIs whenever possible. Possible ID types:
  • openalex String: this publishers's OpenAlex ID
  • ror String: this publisher's ROR ID
  • wikidata String: this publisher's Wikidata ID
ids: {
openalex: "",
ror: "",
wikidata: ""


String: An OpenAlex ID linking to the direct parent of the publisher. This will be null if the publisher's hierarchy_level is 0.
parent_publisher: ""


String: An URL that will get you a list of all the sources published by this publisher.
We express this as an API URL (instead of just listing the sources themselves) because there might be thousands of sources linked to a publisher, and that's too many to fit here.
sources_api_url: ""


String: The last time anything in this publisher object changed, expressed as an ISO 8601 date string. This date is updated for any change at all, including increases in various counts.
updated_date: "2021-12-25T14:04:30.578837"


Integer: The number of works published by this publisher.
works_count: 13789818