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Get a single concept

It's easy to get a concept from from the API with: /concepts/<entity_id>. Here's an example:
That will return a Concept object, describing everything OpenAlex knows about the concept with that ID:
"id": "",
"wikidata": "",
"display_name": "Medicine",
"level": 0,
"description": "field of study for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease",
// other fields removed for brevity
You can make up to 50 of these queries at once by requesting a list of entities and filtering on IDs using OR syntax.

External IDs

You can look up concepts using external IDs such as a wikidata ID:
Available external IDs for concepts are:
External ID
Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG)

Select fields

You can use select to limit the fields that are returned in a concept object. More details are here.