Known issues

OpenAlex is still very new, and so you'll encounter some bugs as you look through the data. This page documents the ones we currently know about.
Please report any other issues you find by emailing us at [email protected]

Questionable dates

Some dates, notably publication dates, come from external sources like publishers and are included in OpenAlex as-is. Dates in the future can be especially suspect. has a publication date of 2023-01-31, for example (if you're reading this after February 2023, that date used to be in the future). This date came from publisher-submitted Crossref metadata for this article. Looking at, this does seem to be part of an ACM issue-in-progress with a print publication date of 2023-01-31. has a publication date in 2029. This also comes from the publisher's Crossref metadata, but it's less plausible that the journal has an issue planned that far in advance. On, we see an accepted date of 2019-12-21 and a publication date of 2029-01-31, suggesting that the latter is a typo and the publication_date is wrong.
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